For Two


Float for two | 1h20min
85€ icon-calendaricon-voucher


Quick Massage Ritual for two | 45min 55€ icon-calendaricon-voucher
Oriental Massage for two | 1h15min
135€ icon-calendaricon-voucher
Special Relaxing Massage for Two | 1h10min
 135€ icon-calendaricon-voucher
Hot Stones Lovers | 1h15min 145€ icon-calendaricon-voucher
Energy Ritual for two | 1h40min 185€ icon-calendaricon-voucher
Zen spa ritual for two | 1h40min| Black Friday Promo
185€ | 139€ icon-calendaricon-voucher
Massage class for two | 2h 110€ icon-calendaricon-voucher


Floatation + Quick Massage Ritual for two | 1h50min 130€ icon-calendaricon-voucher
Love Float Package | 2h15min 
 195€ icon-calendaricon-voucher
Float in Zen for Two Package | 2h30min 185€ icon-calendaricon-voucher
Zen & Beauty for Two Package | 3h
 245€ icon-calendaricon-voucher

All prices include VAT at the legal rate (23%).
Float sessions can only be performed in Float in Spa Rato and Float in Spa Picoas. 

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