Float in, a Special Kind of Spa

The word "Spa" means "Sanus per Aquam" (health through water) and in Float in, you can find not only massages,  but also programs and treatments,  that will recover energies with our innovative floating therapy.

With three spas located in the heart of Lisbon - Rato, Picoas and Belém - in Float in you can find 12 treatment rooms and 3 relaxation areas dominated by the serenity and comfort and where the sounds quiet guided the encounter between different environments, to provide a unique experience of well-being.

In all floating and massages rooms, you will  discover a unique design with showers, towels and toiletries on hand so customers do not have any concern. In the relaxation rooms with natural light,  you can take a shower before or after using the services, to extend its effects.

The Float in Spa is an anti-stress oasis, a haven of relaxation and pioneer worldwide in offering sets of massage and buoyancy programs to a much deeper relaxation.

The fluctuation takes place in the aquatic environment with sensory deprivation and zero gravity, proving to be extremely effective for the recovery of energy and for total relaxation, to break with the daily grind.

Always with the concern to provide the best quality spa, Float in Spa has a wide offer of massages, which features relaxation massages, offers beauty treatments, plus a wide variety of programs for two, so you can enjoy the best spa in couple.

All treatments and programs can also be offered, providing vouchers for the provision of better experience to those you care about.

You can also choose a gift from our store, choosing among teas or essential oils, an organic production and with Float in brand.

Before or after your  work, throughout the day or in the quiet of an end-of-week, relax deeply and regain your energy with unique Spa moments, in the heart of Lisbon.

Visit Float in Spa and feel yourself floating ...