Massages and Rituals For Two

Special Relaxing Massage for Two

1h10min | 135€

The perfect massage for those who seek to share moments of romance and pure relaxation with their favorite company.

In this Float in Signature Massage, the magic hands of the Float in therapists will perform slow and involving movements throughout the body, from the toes to the scalp with a special attention to the back and shoulders, where the main tension accumulates. (read more)

Oriental Massage for two

1h10min | 135€

Free yourself from stress and tensions of the day to day life with this invigorating Oriental Massage performed side by side in a romantic, candlelit environment.

Laid on a tatami, you and your better-half will received this signature Float in Massage that eliminates stress and invigorates body and mind. (read more)

Energy Ritual for Two

Detoxifying Scrub and New Energy Massage for Two

1h40min | 185€

A Signature Float in Ritual specially design to renew the energy, in a experience for two. It includes an exfoliation, an invigorating Massage and a Detox to be shared side by side in Float in Spa rooms. (read more)

Hot Stones Lovers

1h15min | 145€

An unforgettable spa experience, where you'll feel the heat from the stones in contact with your skin, passing on to the muscles to eliminate all tension. Its therapeutic properties eliminate stress and balance energy, leaving you and your better half in synch. (read more)

Massage class for two

120min | 110€

In a class performed by a therapist, techniques and movements of Massage are taught while executed.

Everyone is apt to give a Massage, but after learning some of the movements with an experienced therapist, your better half will like your Massages even more. (read more)

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