Float for two

1h20min | 85€

Two simultaneous Float Sessions ( 50min) and tea ritual.

Feel like you're walking on clouds... with a Float Session for Two. Floating effortlessly over a solution of water with a high salt content, the two lovers will rid themselves of the force of gravity, as if levitating.

Deprived of all senses, including the sense of touch - as the water is at body temperature and is not subject to the pressure of gravity - the couple will reach a state of deep physical and mental relaxation.

1h20min | 85€

More Details about Program

An hour flotation provides a "reset" in the biological clock, and amounts to 4/6 hours of sleep.

Among the benefits of this aquatic therapy, there are the elimination of stress and physical and mental fatigue, and the improved sleep quality. The salt used in the float session is beneficial to bones and joints, and also to skin, smoothing it out.

Coming out of the Float Session, the two soulmates will feel relaxed and serene, forgetting all worries of everyday life. This is the ideal state of mind to let romance flow, and put the two in synch. Besides, the Float Session stimulates the libido and hormone production essencial to romance between couples.

This is an unique experience, that you'll very much enjoy sharing with your favourite company.

This program, as well as all others that include a Float Session, is only avaliable at Float in Rato and Float in Picoas.

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