Effects and Benefits

Floating has many benefits, that have been reported for several decades now, not only by their users, but also by the scientific community that has made clinical studies about the effects of floatation.

The floatation experience is sought by a large diversity of users, existing several types of professions and personal profiles that can take a strong benefit out of it.

For those who intend to just relax, to others who are submitted to an intense everyday routine and are looking for a way to relief stress, starting by athletes who look to avoid and recover from injuries and also improve their performances, there are a lot the examples of people that take this experience and make it a habit.

Floating benefits those who have insomnia problems or can't sleep for the lack of time they have. As one hour of floatation is equivalent to 4/6 hours of sleep.

This compensation of sleep and fatigue reduction is also very useful to people who frequently travel by airplane and want to compensate from the effects of jet-leg. A floatation tank is also a good solution to recover from the night 's intensities and excesses, and has as a main benefit the significant improvement of sleeping quality.

Pregnant women who intend to reduce some of the tension typical from this period, as well as people with frequent joint and muscle pain, are big floatation fans, for they find in this therapy quick results for their problems.

Floating improves the blood flow, oxygen and nutrient distribution throughout the body and reduces blood pressure, heart rate, cardiac rhythm and oxygen consumption.

The libido, creative potential, concentration capacity, learning skills and problem resolution are also stimulated. Floatation is also a big meditation enabler. These benefits come in their big majority from the effects produced by the brain while it works in theta brainwaves. (see more)

Epsom salt used in float tanks has several therapeutic properties. It helps to soften and rejuvenate skin, prevents the appearance of cellulite and contributes to eliminate body toxins. It is also quite therapeutic for problems related to arthritis and arthrosis.

Throughout Europe and the United States there are specialized clinics in using floating tanks for therapeutic purposes exclusively. There are also several Universities and scientific departments dedicated to investigate this kind of treatment called R.E.S.T. - Restricted Environment Stimulation Therapy.

Here are some links where you can find studies and scientific articles related with the benefits of floatation.


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The most important benefit from all of these, will be yours, and the way you will feel after floatation session.

We are sure that you will like it and that you will want to repeat it.

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