Body Treatments

Beauty Plus

40min | 55€

The Beauty Plus Pack has being created to give you the best skincare.

That treatment includes beauty treatments essential to everyone: exfoliation, body hydratation and a mini facial. (read more)

Lymphatic Drainage

30min | 40€
60min | 55€

Treatment performed by gentle and rhythmic movements, and constant manual pressure exerted along the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic drainage generates a molecular stimulation in the body that eliminates toxins and waste water, responsible for the formation of lumps of fat. (read more)

Modeling Massage/Anti-Cellulite

30min 40€ 
60min | 60€

This manual treatment is performed with a lot of pressure to reach the deeper layers where fat nodules are accumulated. The massage is performed in the areas of cellulite, and reduces the skin's appearance of “orange peel”. (read more)

Float in Rituals

Pure & Detox Ritual

Detox Exfoliation, an Envelopment with Dead Sea mud, a tea ritual, and ends with a New Energy Massage or Modeling Massage/Anti-Cellulite

2h15min | 120€

In this Float in spa exclusive ritual, the exfoliation with Himalayan salt prepares the skin for the purifying envelopment with Dead Sea Mud that will eliminate all toxins and skin impurities as well as providing anti-cellulite and regenerating properties.

After the envelopment, you will be asked to attend the tea ritual in the bamboo room, the relaxing room where you can have a tea with detoxifying effects. (read more)

Body Wraps

Firming and Slimming Wrap

1h20min | 80€
Pack 3 Firming and Slimming Wrap | 195€

A complete slimming treatment consisting of peeling, massage, wrapping and finishing.

This spa treatment promotes the elimination and drainage of local fat, fights cellulite and leaves the skin firm, smooth and hydrated.

1h20min | 80€
Pack 3 Firming and Slimming Wrap | 195€

Detoxifying Wrap

1h20min | 85€

Dead Sea's water is rich in therapeutic properties and the mud collected in this Sea conserves them to take them to your well being, through this wrap.

The Detoxifying Wrap with Dead Sea Mud, give your skin a healthy, caring, oily, detoxified look. (read more)

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